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Surprise! Delaying food introduction may cause food allergy!

How about this. Dr. Hugh Sampson at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, a top Pediatric allergist, says that by delaying the introduction of solids in infants, we appear to have inadvertently caused an increase in food allergies. Read it!

Meningococcal Disease in California

There have been many confirmed cases of meningococcal meningitis in California this year and at least one death. This is the disease for which your children are receiving the very effective Menactra vaccine.  

Very important article about child safety!

I have long said that people obsess about the little stuff too much and forget to pay attention to the big stuff. This article speaks to my concerns about where parents should focus their energy on the subject of child safety.

Autism Study Retracted

In 1998 the distinguished British medical journal The Lancet published a study reporting that the MMR vaccine might be causing autism. That study caused terrible fear and anxiety for years. The Lancet has published a full retraction of the study including that the lead researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield committed scientific fraud with this work.

Baby Einstein Fails Do the Job

This study fails to show any improvement in language development in children using Baby Einstein. But reading to your children is always a good thing.

Adolescent vaccine rates are up!

Good news from the CDC in this article. It appears that there has been a 15% increase in vaccine rates among our teenagers. This is especially important with the recent upsurge in whooping cough and the always dangerous meningococcus germ for which we give the Menactra vaccine.

Recurrent Headaches in Adolescents

Possible causes for recurrent headaches in teenagers might include smoking, overweight, or inactivity.  Check this story out.